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education, research. and now toave the republican leader come and tell us we've got to accept that, that's the future of america. no, it's not. time and again when we sit down to deal with the budget challenges, whether it's in the deficit commission, which i was honest servicessered to serve on -- which i was honored to serve on, or whether it's in past negotiations, we open this table up to all federal spending, not just to 14%, that tiny slice of a pie. senator mcconnell c remembe remember, and i can too, under president herbert walker bush and under president clinton, we put on the table these tax breaks for some of these oil companies and corporations and said, is it really worth america's future for us to give them a tax break or to use the money to reduce the deficit? that's an honest question. mandatory spending. all of these things need to be brought to the table for conversation. but that's not the position of the republicans. they would rather see us shut down the government than to open this conversation to the entire federal budget. they would rather see us shut down t
chertoff. it is an honor for us to have you with us today. we are grateful to be joined today by members of congress. i wish to thank the aspen institute for bringing us together today, and in particular to walter isaacson. it is an honor to be able to welcome the members of the aspen institute community here to a georgetown barracks -- to georgetown. i would also like to thank students at the georgetown university lecture fund for helping the staff this event. i wish to welcome andrea mitchell, the lottery -- the moderator of today house conversation. this gives us an opportunity to reflect on the changes of our world since 2001, and the ways in which the united states government has responded. later this year we will observe the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon. in response to these attacks, congress created the department of homeland security to be led by the secretary, a member of the president's cabinet. the creation of the department united 22 agencies across they say the branch, making it a lot but -- the largest reorganization o
is the justification for continued u.s. taxpayer investment? in egypt and elsewhere, successive u.s. administrations failed to move beyond the status quo and prepare for the future. we should not associate the protests in jordan and bahrain events transpire in other places. we have failed to effectively use our resources to help build strong accountable institutions that protect basic human rights. this administration's crier decision to cut support from pro-democracy civil groups in egypt and the only fund groups seceded with the mubarak government is a mistake and it must never repeat. then the mistake of the bush administration and continued and that the country -- under the current administration, to get new business with the libyan regime. john's wife, victoria, my constituent, and others are in the audience today. madam secretary, i have a letter that they have written requesting yours and director miller's help in securing information about the role of gaddafi in the 1980's and 1990. some of us objected to the normalization of relations with the libyan regime. this is proof that the oppressor
to support the people of libya that using the proceeds to help meet the humanitarian needs. to take the work forward, participants agreed to establish the contact group that meets to provide leadership and overall political direction to the international efforts in close coordination with the u.n., the african union, the arab league, the islamic conference, and the european union to support libya to provide a forum on the response to libya and provide a focal point in the international community. qatar will convene the first meeting of the group and then rotate in the region and beyond it. the north atlantic counsel meeting along with five partners provides the directions to nato operations. the participants welcome the u.n. secretary regime's offer to lead the coordination of humanitarian assistance and planning for longer term stablization support. turkey and other key regional player as agencies offered to support this work and take it forward with the contact group. this conference has shown we are united in our aims, united in seeking a libya that does not pose a threat to its own citiz
the process of rebuilding. this is the first time the emperor has used a video message to convey his feelings to the japanese people. he is planning to visit the affected areas and encourage the people at a time that it will not hamper rescue operations. in the wake of last week's earthquake and tsunami in japan tomorrow we will bring a couple of congressional hearings on u.s. preparedness through a natural disaster. the director of the now a hearing on airport security and body imaging technology. the house oversight subcommittee on national security examines security, health and privacy concerns with body imaging technology in airports. we will hear from scientists consider security researchers and tsa officials at the hearing that runs just under four hours. some of the committee will come to order. thank everybody for being here as we tackle this important subject. i would like to begin by stating the oversight commission statement. we exist to secure from the middle principles first americans have the right to know the money washington takes from them is well spent and second, americans
that if something like this happens in the u.s. that you'll have the ability, and i understand apparently from some of the testimony, what i've read is apparently you guys are in charge. in terms of implementing, you're the go-to people now? is that accurate in terms of dictating who does what and who's in charge? an ongoing plan that's developing? >> in response to nuclear power plant, the inside of the facility is regulated by nuclear regulatory commission. outside of the plant is actually the local and state responders with fema supporting them. if you have a scenario that resulted in release, the most important thing to occur is successfully evacuate people away from that plant. those the type of things that the exercise plans work on. these are the things that local and state officials train against, and our role of the federal government, to support them we additional resources required in the event of an evacuations had to take place. those are the thing, and i think from a standpoint of your question, if you would like senators to have our staff, reach out with the state and give your staff
what deficit means. and most of all of us do. but sometimes we think it's some big words coming out of washington, not realizing what it really is. it means you're spending money you don't have. in fact, arguably every time you buy something with your credit card, you're deficit spending. you don't is -- don't have the cash in your pocket to buy the new television set so you put it on the credit card. you borrow the money you spend money that you don't have. now if we were like the great state of texas, where we have a balanced budget requirement in the constitution, in texas, then the texas legislature, they can't deficit spend. they can't spend money they don't have. they have a no deaf constituent -- no deficit spending rule in their constitution. you spend what the projected revenues are and that's it. sometimes it's real tough. to make things work. but you know what, they always somehow figure out a way to get it done this year is no exception. it's tough in texas. and they're doing the things we're trying to do here in this house. they're reducing their spending. as our state
on intellectual property, the internet, and competition. thank you for joining us on the communicators. and david hatch of the national journal, thank you as well for joining us on the communicators. i do want to mention the national journal has a new tech web site. nationaljournal.com/tech. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> as protests continue in the middle east and nato takes control of military operation in libya, find the latest from the u.n. security council, administration officials with and reaction from world leaders on the c-span video library. all searchable on your computer any time. watch what you want when you want. >> in a few moments, a forum on border security, including comments from the threat of a terrorists attack is greater along the border with canada, than the border with mexico. in less than two hours, the commission on wartime contracting continued to cut cost on federal contracts and increase competition. a couple of live events to tell you about tomorrow morning. >> throughout april, we'll feature the top winners of c-span student cam competition. nearly 15
public affairs offerings, weekdays live part of the u.s. senate. weekends book tv, 48 hours of the latest nonfiction books. connect with us on twitter, facebook, and youtube and kind up for scheduled alert e-mails. >> general david patraeus said today that he did not think u.s. participation in a no-fly zone over libya would have an impact on assets for fledging -- fighting the war in afghanistan. in remarks at a forum hosted by national journal and the museum general patraeus also reiterated his support for the obama administration's july 2011 date to begin the drawdown of u.s. troops. general patraeus has been and washington to report to the president and congress about the state of the war in afghanistan. his first visit since taking command of the war effort there last summer. this is an hour. >> i want to welcome all of you here. i see that we have all survived st. patrick's day which is very good. probably the first day of the ncaa basketball tournament. my bracket has been shredded. i want to thank the museum for hosting this event and providing the facilities for us here at the na
that. theight house approach is short-sighted. the house approach will not allow us to grow our economy anm a. i will be voting if that proposal when it comes to the floor but i look forward to working with on my colleagues make sure we get a chair comprehensive deficit and debt reductionru plan that thispu congress can vote on and put in action. with that mr. president i yield the floor and note the absence of the a quorum. >> at this meeting of the national association of attorneys general, former acting solicitor general walter dellinger predicted the supreme court would uphold the new health care law. he and former general theodore olson participated in a discussion about the supreme court's current session. this is an hour, 15 minutes. >> we are here to discuss united states supreme united states supreme court cases for this term. we are on c-span and my name is roy cooper. i am the attorney general in north carolina and president of the national association of attorneys general and to introduce our panel here we will have walter dellinger who is the chair of the appellate practice
meet at the moment when all of us, democrats and republicans, leaders of the national and state levels face some very big challenge is to read our country has come through a long and a wrenching recession. and as we recover, the question we are going to have to answer is where will the new jobs come from, what will the new sources of economic growth be and how can we make sure that the american dream remains reality into the 21st century? al, in the short term, we came together here in washington at the end of last year and enacted tax cuts that are already making american paychecks bigger and allowing businesses to write off major investments. these are tax cuts and changes in the tax credit system that were going to spur the job creation and economic growth and i am proud democrats and republicans work with each other to get it done. in the long term, however, we need to address a set of economic challenges that frankly the housing bubble largely papered over for almost a decade. we now live in the world that is more connected and more competitive than ever before. when each of you t
is that the american people having been given the rights and responsibilities to elect those of us who come to washington to serve are paying attention and they are paying attention to what we are doing in response to the the actions that have been taken over the years in washington. washington seems to be the problem. when i go back home to indiana, i hear repeatedly from folks, republicans and democrats point the fingers from side to side but it's been washington that has been out of touch with the american people and washington needs to be changed not necessarily america needing to be changed. and that is so important for us as americans that we get back to our founding documents to realize the truths and principles that are in these documents that our founding fathers wrote over 200-some years ago and i would like to read a couple of lines from the declaration of independence, as mr. garrett was referring to. earlier, the freedom and the opportunity that each of us that americans have that is given to us by our creator, but also the declaration of independence and constitution gives us
for us to be able to look at these administrative rules that are being passed, which are basically done by individuals and agencies, not by this congress, and give this congress, who represent the people, to be responsible for whether or not the rule passes. therefore, if the folks back home want somebody to blame, you know what? that's what you take this job for. the buck stops with your vote. if you support the rule, you are going to be responsible for it and folks don't like it, you are going to own it. you know what? that's what we came up here for. we came up here to be responsible to our constituents. maybe mr. davis would like to comment again. mr. davis: just to your point on being responsible, one thing that i share along these lines, one of the jobs that all members of congress has is to explain to their constituents what's happening in washington and also to washington what their constituents think. when we come down to these rules, i think the one thing that is so critical for us to understand is, we walk out -- i have seen it in my early time here. i saw it during the healt
is better than having a offshore somewhere and used offshore. i would rather have it here and give the dividend to shareholders or invest in the company then never have it use in america. >> host: congressman greg walden is chairman of the commerce subcommittee on communications and technology. mike zapler with the politico, thank you both. >> guest: thank you. >> guest: thank you. right now you can listen to c-span signature programming with itunes or it your mp3 player. there is a story today from c-span radio's washington today, the latest books and authors on after words. people in the news on newsmakers and interesting conversation on q&a. listen to a variety of public affairs podcast whenever you want. everything you need to know is on line at c-span.org/podcast. now a discussion on the current state of lobbying rules and regulations. this is hosted by the sunlight foundation. in it is about an hour and 30 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon everyone. welcome to the washington -- discussion of the challenges facing reforms in the actions needed to enact real-
and the legitimate organizations collecting and using it on fair terms and conditions. now, i think the folks that we've been working with, many of them here today and the industries, know that throughout my tenure on this committee and now as chair of the communications subcommittee, i have worked hard to protect the innovation and open architecture of the net, worked hard to fight for net neutrality. i've worked hard to prevent taxation and other things, so i believe in this now vital resource for our country in so many ways. however, it is important to recognize that increasingly the american people have concerns and express those concerns. every single app that anyone of us applies to our smart phone or child applies to it is an observational opportunity for a private company, and amazingingly, internet users collectively september 107 -- sent 107 trillion, that's with a "t" e-mail messages in 2010. each of those messages is a scannable entity for key words that indicate the interests or patterns of the people who send them. facebook started 2010 with 350 users and ended it with more than 600 mil
dissimilar to this capitol building, where at one time debates on the democratic society used to take place, where people argued and debated in peaceful fashion about their future, about their agreements and disagreements. . a group of people demonstrated in front of that building and basically just to say, we want freedom. we want democracy. we want the ability to speak out and determine our future. but for that, they were, again, harassed, and for that, they were arrested. one was reportedly beaten by state security rather harshly. several were detained including an activate, president of the cuban youth for democracy movement. another member of that same organization. one of the heroes that i greatly admire is perez and they know him by antunas and he said, quote, this action, this action of just demonstrating is a demand for the freedom of political prisoners and in response, a moral slap in the face for the campaigns undertaken by the regime to divide the opposition. he went on to say, we are true to our motto, the streets belong to the people. but, you see, unfortunately, in cuba, jus
about recent events in japan. he said u.s. officials do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the u.s. the president visited the japanese embassy to sign a condolence book for victims of last week's earthquake and tsunami. >> i will be making a statement later this afternoon. my main purpose for being here is to communicate how heartbroken the american people are over this tragedy. we are doing everything we can to stand by our great friend and ally, japan. our deepest sympathies, or thoughts and prayers are with the families. we feel a great urgency to provide assistance to those who have been displaced from their homes, who are suffering enormously at this moment. as i said on the first day of the tragedy, i am confident that japan will rebuild. it has people who are strong and resilient, who are dedicated to their country, who are brilliant. as difficult as this time is up, i am confident that japan will emerge even stronger than before. >> [unintelligible] >> i am will discuss that this afternoon. >> thank you very much. >> after visiting the japanese embassy in washington
. >> the former chairs of the bipartisan 9/11 commission said today the u.s. >>> former 9/11 commission chairman thomas kane and lee hamilton spoke earlier about the threat of homegrown terrorism. they also talk about the need to set aside a broadband spectrum for emergency responders. the senate homeland security committee is chaired by senator joe lieberman of connecticut. this hearing is two hours. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good morning. thank you all for being here. the attacks on america by islamist terrorists on 9/11 took place almost a decade ago, but the memories of that day are still searing. the attacks and did thousands of lives, changed families forever and forced the country into another world wide war. we all remember that morning. i know we will want to the moment we leave earth. the nation watched on television as those extraordinary might be the
there's no other agency to fall back on, no one to backstop us, our role is unique, and fda must fill the unique role completely and responsibly, and i hope as we go through your budget that we can really help you do that role responsibly. there's too much at risk by doing it kind of less than, you know, immediate mediocre way. i don't have a lot of comments to make other than i'm -- you're at a new turning point in american food safety history with the enaction of the bill, and the everyonation of the -- imp policemennation of the bill with a lot of eyes on you and they know you know a lot about safeguarding drugs and prescription drugs and other kinds of programs that fda, but i think it's more known on the medical side than the food safety side. it's a new era, but it's one that is critically important, and i'll just tell you, ms. chairperson, i saw it firsthand. we had this e. coli contamination of spinach, and it was from my district. they asked anybody who had anything to do with spinach whether you drove it in the trucks, stored in the store or you had it in your home, you had
is fortunately back with us to testify today. his report concluded last september that fema has made some form of progress in almost all areas where reform was needed but the fema's management to speak broadly still needed improvement. while today's hearing is focused on fema, i think it's important to say that response to and recovery from a disaster or a catastrophe and the united states is the responsibility of a lot of other agencies and other people besides fema. other federal agencies, state and local devine, the private sector and in fact in some sense every effect america has willes to play. and many of them also need to improve their capabilities. on a positive note, just recently the department of defense and homeland security and the congressional remanded council of government recently signed off on a very important plan establishing clear rules for when the national guard and military forces can jointly respond after a disaster. and this means in a large disaster catastrophe we will have the ability to call on the resources of the department of defense and a more timely and effect
to get us on board with his opinion. i think it was an overstatement of what really happened. i wasn't there, but sort of reading between the lines, and it seems to me that you know, whatever the result was the correct result in the shepherd case, what they tried to describe there certainly is not at all typical of what i've seen. >> manny? >> my two young sons back in l.a. have something in common with trial lawyers and media representatives. judge, you said adequately, they push the envelope in going as far as you let them. the debacle with the trial you referenced, tim, in my opinion is the direct function of a trial judge that simply did not control his courtroom. on top of that, you have to take into consideration, was that 65, tim, the year? thank you, 66. well, light years have passed in the development of technology to be able to cover trials, and that's another big factor to consider now that that type of surface type atmosphere will not be duplicated again because the technology is such that now you can have a completely unintrusive camera. i know this because i've covered
listen to the american people. they want us to cut spending. that's what we're going to do. >> in the next two weeks are you going to sit down with vice president biden and the senate and work this thing in >> all of us want to fund the government through september 30th. our team wants to cut spending in a real way, and it's time to get to work, and if you give congress four weeks, guess what? they'll take four weeks. give them six weeks, they'll take six weeks. we have two weeks. let's get the job done. >> mr. speaker? [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> the supreme court ruled 8-1 today that the 1st amendment protects church members who mount antigay protests outside military funerals. we've the oral argument in just a few minutes. as the gadhafi forces continue to rebel, he gave a speech. there's security challenged around the world and was asked about colonel gadhafi. that comes later. >> i want to take a brief moment just a say a few words about a tragic event that took place earlier today in frankfort, germany. i'm saddened and outraged of this atta
children cannot afford for us to squander this opportunity. i encourage all of my colleagues to join me today in supporting the student nondiscrimination act and the demanding protection for all, all of our children under the law. madam president, i ask unanimous concept that the bill's text be included in the record. >> without objection. so ordered. >> thank you mad, madam pat, and i yield the floor and ask the suggestion of a quorum. >> hillary clinton testifies on the hill about the state department's budget request. senate floor discussion on contrasting plans to cut federal spending and fund the government for the rest of this year. after that, the social security administration's chief actuary says the system has to include increased revenues or decreased benefits. >> secretary of state hillary clinton said today when she visits egypt and tiew knee sha next week, she'll meet with governments opposed to gadafi. this is little more than two hours. >>ed -- >> the subcommittee will come to order. i want to welcome everybody to today's subcommittee hearing. madam secretary, thank you
instinctively that someone special had just entered. abc news has kindly provided us with a brief promotional film about diane's career. let's take a look. >> for more than three decades, diane sawyer has been one of the most respected and passionate journalist on television. as anger of good morning america, -- as anger -- anchor, she has shown the worst that sheet -- there is nothing but she cannot do. her career began in 1968 with a literature graduate decided to take a noun likely turn -- unlikely turn. she practiced shooting with a camera herself. she next went to washington to observe a presidency firsthand. she stayed on to help nixon write his memoirs. in 1978, she returned to the news, cbs. in 1984, she made history by becoming the first woman on "60 minutes." in 1989, she joined abc news to create an innovative new magazine program. every week, she traveled the world and interviewed newsmakers. for the years, as she has done award winning investigations into racism, fraud, and the care of a vulnerable. >> they search for someone to help them just a few hundred dollars, but the churc
organization. i am trying to get you to understand that they may be using you to implement their goals. >> thank you for asking that question. it sounds more like a possible accusation -- may being used by an organization that, quite frankly -- let me just answer this way. if the fbi had something to charged care with, bring those charges forward, try them in court, and deal with them that way. there is a reality that in my culture as a police officer that you have facts and you have a crime. deal with it. we do not play around with criminals in my world. if terrorism is a "criminal organization" prosecute them, hold them accountable, and bring them to trial. >> my time is limited, sir. are you saying the fbi was wrong in identifying that care is a part of hamas? >> you do not want to cause a conflict between may and the fbi. we work together better than perhaps this committee worked together. [laughter] >> that would be an understatement at this point. [laughter] >> if you knew that care was a terrorist organization sponsored by hamas, would you continue to work with them. >> you are
assessment of progress in that country as the u.s. begins to withdraw forces this summer. after that, tim geithner talk about changes to the mortgage finance system. today the house passed a spending measure while cutting $6 billion in spending. we will have that debate later. >> in the 21st century, it is not enough to leave no child behind, we need to help every child get ahead. >> president obama has called on congress to overhaul and no child left behind education law. follow its law from the start in the bush administration, its opponents and detractors, and where it stands on line. that search, watch, clip, and share. it is washington your way. >> the general also talked about the obama administration's drawdown of u.s. trip and afghanistan started this summer. this is chaired by a michigan democrat, levin. >> good morning everybody. i am going to ask them to consider 200 military nominations. first i would ask the committee to consider the nominations. they have been before the committee, these nominations, the required length of time. is there a motion and a second? all say "aye."
taking place there, then briefings that took place earlier today with the u.s. ambassador to libya. and white house press secretary carney announced that president obama will deliver a speech soon on libya and the region. and finally, more from french president sarkozy. but first, today's vote in the canadian house of commons, opposition members toppled prime minister stephen harper 166-145. we'll show you the vote and the comments of the prime minister and opposition leader, it's about an hour and a half. >> you're looking at a live shot on parliament hill. everyone on the inside is not as stately and calm as it is on the inside. they're waiting for a historic nonconfidence vote on an issue of contempt. that will make history. you're watching a special live edition of showdown in parliament. i want to welcome our viewers on the main network in saskatchewan and alberta. welcome to this unfolding story about our country and as we head toward an election, it will all hinge on what you're about to see in the matter of minutes ahead. we're waiting for the speaker of the house, peter mi
be an extraordinary opportunity for us to listen and to have a discussion with somebody who has been a major player, not only in northern illinois, the midwest but also in nationally and in many cases on the international scene. mayor daley started out his career in politics literally at his father's knee, and so i think someone doing statistics either day during the election it was the first time in 50 some years there hadn't been a daley on the ballot in chicago. now when i was first cutting my teeth in the illinois legislature, the mayor then was a state senator and had just gone to be the state's attorney for cook county, and served as the attorney for cook county for a number of years, ran for mayor and has served the last 26 years years -- 22 years. it seems like 26 sometimes right? as mayor of the city of chicago. obtusely in my years in congress, we had the opportunity to work together. i found that there was no equal to this gentleman in being able to look at what was good for the greater area. and mayor daley has constantly reached out to mayors in the suburbs and mayors all over northern
of you who care i using equations which pick up part of a but without going into the other details have in the segregated the stimulus program is really all sum up close the issue of the shortfall in the capitol investment quarter by quarter on the official government deficits and the national income deficits which are approximately the san. but the reason they are important is the balance to the rest of the flow of the funds. so we can come at this in a number of different ways but i would say it is unequivocal and the result it appears as though the stimulus program which is a gross statistic requires at least in normal offset which the business is growing out. but there is also additional important issues here. on the ratio of the investment to cash flow about a quarter is attributed to the normal adjustment of capital business cycle conditions and abstracted from the cyclical adjusted deficits. the rest, however, is difficult to judge where it's coming from other than the uncertainties, because if you introduce the position which is essentially we are doing that unless the governmen
. the important question for us is how to accomplish these important objectives. one thing be that also seems clear is that the strategy of short term authorizations and the corresponding temporary program lapses have not worked to minimize taxpayer risk or to expand the private sector's role. in fact the short term authorizations and temporary lapses have had the opposite effect while also destabilizing already fragile housing market. to properly reform and strengthen this program, we need to reauthorize this program on a long term basis and we need to do so promptly to avoid any additional lapses in the program. long term reauthorization will allow us to create stability and predictability for property owners while moving towards meaningful and necessary reforms. we must also gradually reduce federal subsidies that keep taxpayers on the hook. we must consider how to deal with repetitive lost properties to index coverage for limits for inflation and expand available coverages. we need to consider policies that will limit adverse selection and better spread risks. we need to consider giving p
and the enterprise and the opportunity to use that enterprise, he's credited with not only having become the first black millionaire, but more importantly was named the african founding father of california. . he also specifically played a maim role in the development of the city of san francisco. today there's no welcome in this country of immigrants and they are denied access to programs that would help them to transition into this country. today if one is poor, the cuts in the republican-passed h.r. 1, the cuts to community programs, health centers, access to higher education, job training and the support for health of mothers and babies, that would ensure that the uneducated, the unheamenty, the jobless and the poor stay that way. there will be few in any alexander or not even a black thousand-aire if the tea-party-led ma jort party has their way. what has happened to the inalienble rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? does the republican party plan to cut that too out of the declaration of independence? so here we are just five days away, four, really from a government shutdown i
be concerned about those reports. north korean leaders go to china all the time. >> is the u.s. appointing a resolution to suspend the iranian membership in the u.n. council? >> there was a discussion about iran's abysmal human rights record. i do not know if there is any initiative being put forward at this time. >> the egyptology is an minister of antiquity resign. -- each ethologist -- a prominent minister of antiquity has resigned. is there a fear of getting of egyptian museums? >> i cannot say there has been discussions with egypt on the subject. our approach in the case of egypt in the ongoing efforts that we have had with the international community to preserve assets of egypt, we are taking steps to preserve assets for the people of egypt, for the people of libya, and for others. we think these are cultural assets that belong to the egyptian people they should be -- the egyptian people. they should be protected. i am not aware of the concern for theft of antiquities at this point. >> [inaudible] >> we have diplomats in the courtroom observing the ongoing legal process. i have not g
liberties union. thank you for inviting us. the american civil liberties union supports their right of individuals under the u.s. constitution and bill of rights to speak and associate free of government hindrance and be treated fairly without discrimination. we support peter king's right to voice his opinions and no matter how well informed baby. professional and careers like legislation must not intend on first amendment rights, rights to speak freely and associate freely. targeting the american muslim community for an alleged and erroneous connection to demand action -- to domestic terrorism. this is what america sometimes does when faced with crisis and fear. john adams sought and got the alien act. thousands were arrested for anti-war abuse during the world war roman one era. the japanese americans were tossed into internment camps. senator mccarthy met his downfall. he met his downfall when they said "had you know sense of decency -- have you no sense of decency?" focusing on the entire american muslim community to reduce terrorism is bad law enforcement and based on erroneous
to remember one thing -- in the end, it is not about who seeks to lead us. it is about the character of the nation they seek to lead. our job from this night fourth is not simply to win elections, it is not simply to replace one group of officials with another group, it is rather to restore america so that she is humbled before god, so that she lives according to his principles, so that we care for those who are less fortunate than ourselves, and so that we are the kind of merciful and righteous nation that is deserving of great leadership. that needs to be our great focus tonight. now, one way that you can do this tonight is by contributing to the iowa faith and freedom coalition. we will have folks who will come down the aisles right now and they will pass out some of it so you can contribute. i want you to know that every dollar that you give tonight will stay in iowa to turn out the largest pro-family conservative vote in the history of the aisle caucuses. that is what we are going to do in the next few years, so if he will bring the house lights up for just a second so those who
of education. each time you've told us about the work the obama administration is doing to investing in our youngest lerner's is one of the smartest investment we can make. programs like head start in short the children are on the right path with a solid foundation for success. in addition the proposal of the verney challenge fund would increase the number of low-income children arriving in kindergarten with the skills they need to succeed by spurring better standards and quality in the early learning settings. the president has also outlined an ambitious goal to have the highest college preservation rate by the year 2020. to meet that goal it is imperative that we continue to invest in our nation's college students through pell grants and other forms of student aid and we need to encourage colleges and states to partner in initiatives to ensure the students not only enter the they graduate from to year and for your institutions. especially in this economy we have to keep the commitment to students. we used to lead the world of college graduates and now we are ranking below what ever compet
. there is a consensus on both sides. i want to go back over this whole intervention. it is important for us to know this. we were told that it would be inflationary. we do not see it caused by any of what is done going forward. we were told it would be extraordinary expensive and that jury -- and that it would cost a lot of money. it was one of which we forgot. it was unfair to the rest of the world. it was a former currency manipulation. i was especially shocked by the chinese complaining. he tried to stimulate the american economy. some being accused by the chinese government of currency manipulation struck me as being lectured by birth control from the fauquier mom -- from the octomom. it provoked retaliation. it proved to be correct. this was the suggestion that the federal reserve was encased in a whole variety of the inner purpose it transactions. there is a transparent say my recollection is that it was being made public with virtually no specific revelation. good news is no news. i want to say i was pleased to see you reserving judgment. we have had this situation. people are looking good the fi
got $9.5 million. sitigroup is a big tarp recipient. exxon mobil, big oil tax chargers, used oil subsidiaries in the caribbean and they paid taxes in 2009, not a single penny of it went to the american treasury. this is the same year that the company over took wal-mart in fortune 500 and exxon mobil c.e.o., 29 million. general electric, 2009, world's largest corporation filed more than 7,000 tax returns and still didn't pay anything to the american government. g.e. managed to do this with a rigid tax code that subsidizes companies for losing money. with the aid of republicans in congress whose campaigns they financed they exploited our tax codes and who do republicans blame? the middle class. republicans blame public employees, who are america's every day heroes. public employees are america's every day heroes. think about it. if somebody breaks into your house, who are you going to call? a public employee. who is going to help apprehend the people who stole your stuff? a police officer. if your house starts on fire, who are you going to call? a firefighter. if your kid goes to p
women this inspired, michelle is with us. she's a senior at hunter college, studying political science and history. she's also earning a certificate in human rights here. last semester, she interned at the u.n., and hoping to follow as a leader in international politics and gender equality. it's a pleasure to introduce her. i would like to introduce phil -- phyllis kossoff as well as. her grandson graduated from hunter college this past january. she is truly one the most devoted alumni and friends. it is her generosity that made today possible. please thank phyllis for the gift of this lecture and everything that you do for hunter. [applause] [applause] >> it is a great honor to invite michelle bachelet to the podium. how proud she will be joined by one of hunter's own, professor of political science robert jenkins. jenkins is a lead author on the report to the u.n. security council that was instrumental in the creation of u.n. woman. thank you for your important work. following their discussion, professor jenkins will lead a question and answer session. please join me in welcoming a t
and gloom for the u.s. housing market without a government guarantee. they would have us believe that any discussion of a purely private mortgage finance market is completely without merit and return the housing market to its depression status. the administration plan ends this argument once and for all that no one seriousness they believe will ever return to the 1930's so i applaud the the patrician for taking this rhetoric of the table senators a consensus on these issues we need to decide which steps next to take. here i also see a number of areas to agreement between the administration and myself the first is a gradual increase of the guaranty fees. this is an important component of bringing more accurate pricing into the market. but any increase must correspond with an increase and fha premiums in order to not push greater risk over there. so again i look forward to working closely with the treasury and specific legislation we may need to accomplish the goal. the next area of agreement is to the gse is currently the $1.5 trillion the portfolios pose a significant risk to the american
council would support us. >> one more on ray davis. do you have any information that he traveled into the country under a fake passport? is that possibly why pakistan is not accepting his diplomatic immunity? >> i don't think that's the reason. to more and then we will wrap it up. >> the attack in germany yesterday and whether you consider that a terror attack. >> the investigation is ongoing. >> it seems pretty clear based on the evidence of public evidence at this point that it was perpetrated by an individual -- why is it not a terrorist attack? >> obviously we are looking into the individual who shot our servicemembers. we are looking into his relationship with others. i don't know that we have made a judgment yet on whether it was someone acting alone or somebody acting in concert with others. >> was it a terrorist attack? i can understand why you can't make that clear. >> well i mean, for example was the shooting of congresswoman gabby giffords a terrorist attack? i mean -- you have to look at the -- you have to look at the evidence and look at the motivation and then you m
that works out. we're fortunate today to have with us a very outstanding panel. one of the things that i wanted to mention first though because this just came to me. i just saw this last week. the blurb i wrote for the program is a sentence the senate is a whipping voi of the media, scholars, and some senators for an antiquated and ponderous ways. little did i know the "washington post" would affirm the media critique when he opened his column last thursday as follows: in the united states senate, failure is not an option, it is a requirement. [laughter] so, with that, let me introduce the panel. what we're going to do is have each of them speak for 15 minutes or so. we give the former senator is little bit more time, but -- >> i feel -- >> no filibusters though. trent is a former republican senator from mississippi, now a senior county consul with the leadership group, spent 16 years and 20 years in the house as senator. he went on to the senate where he was also the republican whip and then majority leader. trent also served in the house and the house rules committee where i was fortun
doing the right things to him. >> doctor, let us go back to that page. in those days i guess it was a pager you were caring? >> easily they pay me through the bellboy. -- usually day page me to the bellboy. i walked down into the pressroom, i saw a lot of strange people. young people with earphones. i did not know what was going on. when i got back there in to the resuscitation area, he was lying on a stretcher, totally naked, and the present at the united states. my residence with their -- >> did you know right away with the president? >> yes. i just saw him. i did not have to think about it. >> you have never seen him naked though? [laughter] >> never seen him naked. just look at his face. my residents were already there and they were doing an excellent job and putting ideas into him. all of the things we were trying to do. they all spent time in the shock trauma unit in baltimore so they were very experienced in managing these things. when i got there, he was improving already. first of all, he is lying down. that always improves blood pressure. he was alert. he had a conc
. it underscores the need for real, lasting reform in our education system. the president asked us to do what is necessary to give all children a chance to succeed, but in doing so, he is admitting that we have too many kids in this country who are born into a search from stances where success is not a legitimate option. our guests tonight are out to change that. michelle rhee is a former classroom teacher and a founder of the new teacher project the certifies and supports teachers in a high poverty schools. she is known for her tenure as the chancellor of washington, d.c. public schools in her new role as founder of "student's first" the stated mission is to pursue transformative reform. sacramento mayor, kevin johnson, is a former nba star with a commitment to education. in 1989 he founded st. hope, a community development corporation to revive sacramento education. he has made education a top priority. putting students first can't make an incredible difference. take, for instance, patrick. i met patrick in the first month as a teacher in new orleans. i came upon him violently beating anoth
firmament of issues out there and as important as these are, these issues are to us and our viewers, the american peoplp against the national debt, the national defense, the weighty issues they are wrestling with, we are not at the top of the list, and usually after an election like this we have divided governments coming up to a presidential election. pretty much anything that is going to pass on its own boards policy merits it has to happen before the august recess because the window closes and everything after that the passes is either passing out of political necessity or to keep the government running. so it will be all politics all the time pretty much after labor day. .. on radio first. >> gordon smith former senator from oregon and since november 1st, 2009 president and ceo of the national association of broadcasters as always we appreciate your coming on the communicators. jonathan as well assistant managing editor of communications daily. thank you. >>> next, a forum on congressional politics and the federal budget. the national association for business economics heard fro
reached 2.97 trillion u.s. dollars, and the openness of the economy increased rapidly. china's international prestige and influence grew significantly. we played an important and constructive role in international affairs. in fact, we safeguard the the national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and we made major progress in our all around diplomacy. we hosted bay of pigs and beijing technology expo. the chinese nation has cherished this for a century. [applause] these brilliant achievements clearly show the advantaging of socialism of chinese culture, the good power of reform, and opening up. it quickly increased the confidence and pride of our people of all ethnic groups, strengthed the capacity of the chinese nation, and we site to forge hands on our historic. [applause] the following are our main accomplishments of the past five years. first, the strengthening and improving macrocontrol and spurring study and rapid economic development. we'll pay close attention to the orientation, focus, and strength of macrocontrol and fund initiatives on economic work. i
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